Volunteer Spotlight: Mary

Join us as we celebrate our incredible Seedlings volunteers through our volunteer spotlight series!

Meet Mary!

Mary has been a volunteer with Seedlings since the beginning of our program at Bennington Elementary. She is an extraordinary member of the Seedlings team and we are so thankful to have her!

Tell me how you first got involved with Seedlings.

I heard about a proposed idea called Seedlings. I thought it was about plants, so I looked up more info and talked with Jeannie Jenkins. Our church was also thinking about an after school program so we met with Jeannie and decided to join forces with her and her idea.

How would you describe Seedlings to someone who was interested in volunteering?

It is an opportunity to help disadvantaged kids – to show them love and give them extra attention and expand their horizons. With tutors, it is also a chance for them to get some extra learning time.

I love to volunteer at Seedlings because…

I have gotten to know some of these kids and their families over the 3+ years of Seedlings and I care about them. I love to see them change and grow, learning to cooperate and to care for one another.

For all you bring to our program, we thank you, Mary!

Anyone who is interested in joining our team of volunteers, please email Sarah at sarah.seedlingsprogramvt@gmail.com for more information. 

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