Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer

Meet Jennifer!

Jennifer began volunteering with Seedlings when our Molly Stark pod first started. She is such a valuable addition to our team at Molly Stark and we are so grateful for the time she has given to our students!


I love to volunteer at Seedlings because…

I love the joy of sharing myself with children and giving them the knowledge that they are special and unique.

Do you have a favorite moment at Seedlings that you would like to share? 

Mine is the moments of wonder, discovery about themselves, the ring of laughter and the helping of others.  No fixed moment but all these moments.

What do you wish others would know about Seedlings? 

How bonding with children in this positive way is so important to their well being now and something they can look back to and use in their future life situations.

Thank you for your dedication to our program, Jennifer!

Anyone who is interested in joining our team of volunteers, please email Sarah at for more information. 


Printmaking Ninjas!

All of our Seedlings students had a special visit to the print shop at Bennington College this past month! Students were able to participate in the printmaking process of lithography by rolling ink on a plate, running it through the press, and printing their very own stickers. The students used CMYK by mixing cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create all the colors of their designs.  A special thank you to local artist Michael Smoot for showing our Seedlings students around the print shop and helping them create their own prints! 

Feeding the Birds of Vermont…one at a time

We love making bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed! Who else has done this??

Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers who have set this activity up (multiple times!). During snack we learned about the eating habits of birds. Then for activity we got to make tasty bird treats! We loved spreading the peanut butter on the pinecones and rolling them around in the seeds. If you see any extra healthy birds flying around this Winter you know where they’re getting their protein from.

Thank you Chris and the Bennington Free Library!

Bennington Free Library’s Youth Services Librarian for the past 20 years, Chris Poggi, has played a tremendous role in our community programming.

Each month Chris dedicated her time to Seedlings by either welcoming our crew to the children’s space at the library or coming to the schools to share wonderful stories with our students.

Thank you for the time you have dedicated to our students, Chris! We wish you much happiness on your new adventure in your retirement.

Holiday Cheer

To celebrate the holiday season, parties were held at both elementary schools this year. Family members of our students joined in on our celebrations as well! A highlight of the party was our photo booth! Students and family members shared in the fun by choosing different holiday props to deck out in.

Students and their families also decorated cookies in the shape of ninjas, played pin-the-heart on the Grinch, and built wooden snowmen! A special thank you to Ramunto’s Pizza for their generous pizza donation on both days!

At the end of the parties, each student received a holiday box filled with healthy treats and goodies generously donated by our incredible volunteers. We are very grateful to everyone who supported the Seedlings Program this holiday season!



Volunteer Spotlight: Mary

Join us as we celebrate our incredible Seedlings volunteers through our volunteer spotlight series!

Meet Mary!

Mary has been a volunteer with Seedlings since the beginning of our program at Bennington Elementary. She is an extraordinary member of the Seedlings team and we are so thankful to have her!

Tell me how you first got involved with Seedlings.

I heard about a proposed idea called Seedlings. I thought it was about plants, so I looked up more info and talked with Jeannie Jenkins. Our church was also thinking about an after school program so we met with Jeannie and decided to join forces with her and her idea.

How would you describe Seedlings to someone who was interested in volunteering?

It is an opportunity to help disadvantaged kids – to show them love and give them extra attention and expand their horizons. With tutors, it is also a chance for them to get some extra learning time.

I love to volunteer at Seedlings because…

I have gotten to know some of these kids and their families over the 3+ years of Seedlings and I care about them. I love to see them change and grow, learning to cooperate and to care for one another.

For all you bring to our program, we thank you, Mary!

Anyone who is interested in joining our team of volunteers, please email Sarah at for more information.